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10 Instagram Images That Will Make Your Hotel Instafamous

November 3, 2016


Instagram. Instagram. Instagram.
If you’re standing there scratching your head, asking yourself what the heck it is I’m chanting, then you need to get with the times. Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels out there.

Instagram combines our mutual love and appreciation of visual stimulus, with a healthy dose of vanity. It’s no wonder then that traveller and hotelier alike are addicted to it.
Below, I’ve listed 10 types of images that you need to post to Instagram to catch the attention of travellers online and get your hotel noticed.
So what are you waiting for, dust off the camera, study this post on hashtags (for a little inspiration) and let’s get started because you’re about to make your hotel instafamous!

Destination Images

This type of image features the best that your destination has to offer, which communicates your unique selling point(s) to travelers.  Then, it combines that with a highlight of the hotel, like the pool, sauna, or your hotel’s exterior architecture. This helps to create the connection between your destination, your hotel, and your audience by playing on want-to-haves (luxury and experience) verses need-to-haves (a roof over one’s head).


Foodie Pictures

Foodie-tourism is on the rise. Exponentially. Cash in with a photo every now and then that showcases a local speciality (in this case, gyros) or photogenic treat (like a macaron, ice cream, or local coffee). This will literally make your audience crave for more of your Instagram feed. Pun intended.



If your hotel has bared witness to the ages, let potential guests know. People love to feel connected to a time and a place. By showcasing the lifestyle of your hotel, and the moments that have shaped it through the decades, you play on people’s appreciation of nostalgia. By letting them in and telling them your story with these types of Instagram images, you further connect yourself and your brand, to your audience.


Blogger Photos

Good bloggers have social feeds that highlight the attractions of their specific lifestyle not static shots of services, products, or mundane moments like most other accounts. The savvy blogger’s most powerful tool? It’s Instagram. Think like a blogger and get instafamous with artistic shots that showcase your hotel’s best assets as seen through the travelers eyes. You don’t have to hire a blogger to do this, either. Perhaps you’ve got creative staff or children you can work with instead. The goal here is to use drama to your benefit, evocative lighting, rich colours, and luxurious attire.


Rooms Shots

On Instagram, room shots should neither be boring nor regurgitated from your website. Rather, they should showcase a more creative flare. This particular shot works so well because it depicts glamour, relaxation, and luxury. These are things that most can appreciate. Share #roomshots regularly to reveal unique aspects and benefits of your hotel. Together, these images will give travellers a good indication of your rooms and paint a picture-perfect lifestyle.


Amenity Images

Travellers are looking for many different things when they seek out their ideal hotel. Ranking high on their list of demands are spa and wellness facilities. If your hotel offers these amenities, let guests know by sharing snaps of them on Instagram. Appeal to people’s impulsive side by pairing these images with fetching descriptions that entice them to book.


Breakfast Offers

Similar to the post above, travellers seek out breakfast. If your hotel is known for its breakfast, a unique business-traveler espresso bar, or breakfast-in-bed service, let your audience know. Images taken from an aerial view are in vogue, especially when it comes to Instagram #foodporn. Play with this style and you’ll be well on your way to making your hotel instafamous.


Lifestyle Captures

People love to relax. For many, that’s the entire point of a vacation. So, show your online audience that this is possible at your hotel. Is a nice soak in a bath with local handmade soaps something guests love about your bed and breakfast? If so, tell the world through savvy-images like the one above and work your way to becoming instafamous.


Local Scenery

Some locations benefit more than others in that they’re surrounded by stunning local scenery. If that sounds like your hotel, use this to your benefit. But don’t wait for the right moment, create it yourself. If your hotel boasts exclusive roof-top access with a stunning view or terrace, show it off online. In this way, you set-the-scene by letting travelers in on the ‘hidden-gems’ that make your hotel and destination shine above the rest.



Ultimately, you run a hotel to accommodate people who travel. As such, your images should show both people, and the act of travelling. This, and this alone may just be the one aspect that differentiates the average hotel and travel feed from the one that is instafamous. So many hotel and travel companies fail to do this and their photos don’t resonate with online audiences. Stand out by working people and the beauty of travel into your Instagram feed.


At the end of the day, if you want to take your social media game to the next level, you’ll need to focus on building lifestyle envy through your photography.

To do this, and become instafamous, you need to hone in on the human element for your social media feed. Take a look back at all of the images above. What is the common element among them?

It’s people.

Not only is the human face and body the most easily recognized image in the world, it helps people imagine themselves in the image. This helps to connect those people to the places they see online and encourages them to imagine being a part of something more- like your brand’s lifestyle.

So, are you well on your way to becoming instafamous? Are there other image types that you’d recommend for Instagram? Let us know in our social media on Facebook or @Base7booking, and we’ll give you great ideas and suggestions for your property and Instagram account.

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