Dina Sterzenbach

Base7 works behind the scenes at The Lovelace

February 14, 2018

“I needed a program which worked quickly because most of our employees only started 4 weeks before the opening.”

The Lovelace isn’t an ordinary hotel. According to its owners–who transformed the historic bank building into an ultramodern hotel and event space–it’s a “hotel happening”. The managers of this pop up hotel only had four months to organize everything for their two-year run and, luckily for us, they chose Base7 to manage their front desk. We recently paid a visit, camera in hand, to see how Base7 was working for them. Turns out, pretty well.

With the building’s 124-year history, these walls have stories to tell. Here are a few extra tidbits about this one-of-a-kind pop up hotel:

The Lovelace Hotel Munich

The peace sign makes a visual statement all over the hotel. The statement it’s making? Either “victory” or “vegan”, no one can quite remember.

Need a last-minute trim? Guests can freshen up before their big night out in Munich at the hotel’s hip barbershop, Temporare.

The Zwickl room can be rented out as a hotel room or as an intimate event space. If you decide to host your next gathering here, the staff will even chill beers in the tub for you.

One of the hotel’s most striking features is an art installation that hangs above the atrium–a spiderweb of clear plastic that gracefully suspends everyday objects (including a toaster, a coffee maker, and a vacuum) in mid-air.

Want to learn more about The Lovelace? Click over to their site (you might recognize their booking engine, too).

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