Base7booking joins the trivago Family

March 1, 2016


We are proud to announce that Base7booking has joined forces with the world’s largest hotel metasearch: trivago.

After months elaborating a joint strategy, building a team and opening new offices, we are now ready to share with you the story behind this collaboration.

The nature of this business affinity draws its source from similar problem-solving grounds. Occurring at different stages of the reservation distribution chain, our two companies aim to create exceptional opportunities for hoteliers. With the marketing knowledge from trivago and the hotel management expertise from Base7booking, hotel owners, managers, and staff will be empowered with the art & science of hospitality management.

To better understand why we decided to join the trivago Family, here is some background.

What is trivago Hotel Manager and what do they offer?

trivago aspires to become the number one marketing channel for hoteliers, by reinventing the way they connect them with their 120 million monthly travelers – via the trivago Hotel Manager (tHM). Over 170,000 hoteliers worldwide already use the metasearch marketing platform to boost their ranking on trivago by building a unique hotel profile and driving direct bookings on their own website. The platform currently operates in eight languages across 17 countries.”


At Base7booking we believe that trivago provides an outstanding solution to drive more direct bookings. Their tool is extremely intuitive and they make direct marketing accessible. They guide hoteliers through the complex online environment in which one can easily be overwhelmed.

What are our common goals?

Hoteliers are loosing their entrepreneurial freedom by becoming dependent on few booking channels for which the cost per booking is high. As hoteliers, we know how difficult it can be to understand and follow the evolution of this industry, and how easy it is to lose online competitivity.

We outlined three main causes:

  1. Technology is not accessible for small to medium sized hotels
  2. The high complexity of direct marketing channels
  3. Booking engines are not competitive

Base7booking and trivago’s focus will be to provide the following solutions to hoteliers:

  1. Make cutting edge hotel technology broadly accessible by making it intuitive, convenient, and affordable
  2. Make direct marketing super simple by integrating trivago Direct Connect into Base7booking
  3. Provide a high converting booking engine that will be continuously updated

By reaching these goals, we want hoteliers to drive more direct bookings and lower their cost per booking.


What changes for Base7booking as a company ?

Base7booking will remain an independent entity which will operate in complete freedom. The fact that we are part of the trivago Family will give us the opportunity to grow the investment fuels for a global expansion and for product innovation. We will also benefit from trivago’s knowledge for building and scaling an international business.

In 2015, we have opened two new offices in Europe (Düsseldorf, Palma de Mallorca) and started working with 34 amazing talents.
If you want to join this incredible adventure, we are still hiring via this link.

Any difference for Base7booking’s users?

If you use Base7booking you will have the opportunity to get direct access to trivago’s 120 million monthly travelers worldwide and drive direct bookings thanks to an upcoming integration of both platforms. Hoteliers will have the possibility to manage their marketing and their property from one single platform.

The development work has already started and we will soon be able to offer you this tremendous product.
The following screenshot is a visual prototype of what the integration will look like.


Frank, our CEO, says: ” We are passionate hoteliers, dedicated to improving the increasingly demanding lives of other hoteliers. Our cloud platform makes technology accessible and saves them plenty of time and money. We are very exited to join trivago, since it will give Base7booking’s hoteliers access to 120 million travelers.”

Base7booking and trivago at ITB Berlin

And to mark the occasion, Base7booking and trivago will share an interactive stage at ITB Berlin from 9th to 13th March 2016. So do not hesitate to drop by our booth to meet us and get some insights about hotel-tech.

Where: Area 9, Stand 317

Contact us during ITB on Twitter #base7bookingITB.


To get more information regarding the acquisition please read the official trivago Hotel Manager post written by Johannes Thomas, Managing Director at trivago.


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