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Feature Release: Autumn 2016

October 6, 2016


Discover the new features and improvements we have released recently for the app. During the last months, we focused on paving the way to welcome new integrations and make your hotel’s operations much smoother. We have also added some awaited features in our open Beta.

New Reminders

You don’t have to tell us – we know exactly how important reminders are to the Base7booking workflow. Reminders are what make your customer experience unforgettable. Do you have a quick note about a guest’s special request for their upcoming check-in? Need a short line to remind your colleague to order flowers for the lobby? Or simply need a reminder for your paint jobs in 6 months? Just use the Reminders as you would do with post-its.


Reminders have now a dedicated section in the menu. And with the new notification indicator, you won’t miss important information anymore. Follow up the latest comments and mark your Reminders as resolved when you complete them.

Location Settings

With the upcoming integrations, we want to give you targeted settings for your property. This is why you will find a new setting called “Address” where you can enter the location of your business. This will be necessary to enable future connectivities as some services are available based on location.



Major bug fixes and improvements


  • Added property notion.
  • Languages are now cached.
  • Fixed “money spacing” not saving.
  • Refactored caching structure.
  • Added validation when updating VAT class.
  • Created an Admin section for “Properties”.
  • Added an Admin section for currency display in Settings.
  • New rooms are explicitly assigned to property_1 in single property mode.
  • Improved Boards exceptions.
  • Fixed Billing Information address not saving.
  • Fixed Reassign exceptions.
  • Unified both app and beta into a single version.
  • New translations available for EN, FR, DE, ES.
  • New Knowledge Base articles.


  • Improved page performance.
  • Fixed “Out of Order” showing false for unknown reasons.
  • Fixed “Out of Order” display in Sandboxes.
  • Fixed Calendar opening on startup.


  • Fixed “Extra” description causing trouble when longer than 255 characters.
  • Improved page performance.
  • Fixed bug saving empty “Booking Codes” as false.
  • Fixed bug causing SQL error if VAT class is missing when adding “Extras”.
  • Fixed date parsing failing when saving the police report.
  • Improved page by only showing property ID for multi-property accounts.
  • Fixed reservation history failing when no property is selected.
  • Improved handling when moving a room stay to a different reservation.
  • Now forcing at least one single guest for the booking process.
  • Improved reservation history search.


  • Improved invoice search.
  • Fixed invoice names causing troubles when longer than 255 characters.
  • Fixed room names missing when creating custom invoices
  • Displaying error when users are trying to split an invoiced reservation.
  • Fixed issue with saving an invoice after editing/adding new information.
  • Improved invoicing and fiscal export for Spain.
  • Fixed bug preventing invoice generation when image does not exist.
  • Improved invoice VAT calculation.
  • Fixed bug with multiple inclusive VAT.
  • Fixed invoice printing failing in rare cases.
  • Fixed invoice export with new Slovenian VAT.
  • Now using same invoice settings for quick invoicing.


  • Improved page performance.
  • Fixed bug not displaying Address and ZIP for Accounts in rare cases.
  • Fixed Groups not appearing when details are not requested.
  • Fixed property notion for Groups.
  • Added property notion for reservations created from the “Client”.
  • Fixed account details disappearing on save.
  • Improved Duplicates.
  • Displaying error message if invalid dates are selected when making an update for Groups
  • Added ID card and passport information to client import.


  • Improved page performance.
  • Fixed date parsing sometimes failing.


  • Improved hotel email sender.
  • Added information for users when delivery problems occur.


  • Fixed “Viewer” not getting access to the Beta version.
  • Improved user creation.
  • Language is now saved in case the session expires.


  • Fixed date parsing sometimes failing.
  • Added property notion for Prices.
  • Added a better price formatting customization.
  • Fixed saving process for Seasons.

Booking Engine

  • Improved behavior for single properties.
  • Improved Stripe payment booking process exceptions.
  • Fixed error message when no email is configured.


  • Fixed date parsing in “Unpaid Reservations”.
  • Improved daily report now showing complimentary rooms in the weekly occupancy.
  • Added support for custom adult/junior/baby count in Swiss police report.


  • Added property notion.
  • Added API/integration controller.
  • Implemented new CTA/CTD for Seekda.

What do you think of the latest releases? If you have any suggestions or ideas, you can always write to us with features or developments you’d like to use in your hotel. Additionally, you can let us know in our social media in Facebook or@Base7booking, and we’ll give you more details.


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