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Feature Release: June 8, 2017

June 8, 2017

If you have been waiting for being able to manage multiple rates for the same room with Base7booking, the latest update will make your day.

Rate Management

This has been in on our list for quite some time now, we’ve been craving to deliver it to you earlier. This required us to change most of the logic of our price/rate management, and that wasn’t easy as stealing candy from a baby. This major step is, in fact, the premises of the next upcoming big feature: The Rate Plans. For which we first needed to release the Rate Management.

Here’s what you need to know:

Create different rates for the same category

You can now create multiple rates for the same room category and set the seasonal price for each rate.

That means you can apply different pricing strategies for the same room.

For example, you can set a Corporate rate for company X whom you have a partnership with or define an Early Bird rate for people reserving X months in advance in your hotel.

Note that those rates are only selectable for PMS users for now. A further update will allow creating Rate Plans to distribute them through the IBE and Channel Manager connections.

 New friendly filters

We’ve made another enhancement to help you set up your rates in Base7booking. In short, our filters make the view enjoyable. Previously, when you were setting up your prices, Base7booking was showing you a grid with all seasons, extra prices & single prices for every room type. Now you can remove unnecessary noise by deciding what should be displayed.

Here’s how the filters work now:

Note: Remember to clear your cache before your next login to make sure all changes appear neat & tidy.

Learn more about Rate Management

Major bug fixes and improvements

  • Updated translations for EN, FR, DE, IT, ES
  • Adjusted the notion of Price/Rate throughout the PMS
  • Added the Channel Activity page to the beta version
  • Prevented rooms without prices to be displayed on trivago
  • Implemented a shift+arrow tab navigation
  • Improved reservation main page loading time by 90%
  • Improved reminders page loading time by 50%
  • Added new email dynamic fields
  • Improved Channel Manager sync process
  • Improved invoicing for SL
  • Cleaned up Money & Tax section for multi-property accounts
  • Improved tourism tax management
  • Enhanced calendar month/week view
  • General invoice layout fixes
  • Updated the Daily Report to handle new tourism tax models
  • Improved overbooking shield
  • Improved IBE credit card security
  • Improved the performance of availability check
  • Fixed stubborn check-out date picker on IBE
  • Added more data fields to email templates
  • Fixed bug with Reminder’s edit button
  • Fixed closing time not being saved
  • Fixed VAT on tourism tax not being invoiced properly
  • Fixed partially paid reservations appearing red instead of orange
  • Fixed offline calendar bugged when last name was empty
  • Fixed the “bookability” setting acting indolent
  • Fixed duplicate function showing an additional “0” in client number
  • Fixed timezone discrepancies between PMS and invoice log

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