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Feature Release: March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018

Spring is almost here–birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and new features are going live in your Base7 account. We’ve been busy all winter developing time-saving updates that we’re happy to share with you now. Here’s what’s changed:

Major Improvements

  • Added more amenities to the new Booking Engine: now you can offer Café, Storage Room, Electronic Games, and more.
  • Added 53 new currencies, so you can start racking up Mauritania Ouguiya. We now have a third currency exchange provider to keep the IBE up-to-date.
  • Translated English custom error messages in the IBE into many languages. Nous sommes vraiment désolés!
  • Improved our Rate Connect integration to display more hotel details in trivago search results.

Bug Fixes & Maintenance

  • Updated the “add to invoice” tool so that manual numbering is always visible.
  • Redesigned “Integrations” page for quicker and easier access to all your tools.
  • Hid multiple properties in the drop-down menu for users with restricted access.
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of boards (when they were set as excluded) on the confirmation page.
  • Updated the email link to view reservations so that it now directs to the new IBE.
  • Fixed the ADR price check tool to display correct price totals.
  • Updated all Swiss accounts with the new VAT.
  • Improved credit card handling with our third-party providers (Cubilis, Stripe, Datatrans)
  • Improved Rate Plans to allow for more customizable restrictions and seasons

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