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Feature Release: Rate Plans

November 12, 2017

Rate Plans: Our early Christmas gift to you

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—holiday booking season.

To spread the cheer, we’re introducing Rate Plans, Base7booking’s most-requested feature. With Rate Plans, you’ll be able to set discounts to attract travelers to book directly on your Booking Engine.

What are Rate Plans?

Rate Plans are customizable special offers that appear on your Booking Engine. They can be created, edited, and disabled at any time. There is no maximum number of Rate Plans that can be applied for the same dates, but we recommend enabling 3-5 at a time for the same rooms.

How is this feature different from Rate Management?

Rate Management only sets rates within the Property Management System. That means, while you can attach a discount to a specific reservation in the program, that rate won’t be promoted on your Booking Engine. On the other hand, Rate Plans are an opportunity to display attractive, discounted rates that can include tempting extras like breakfast.

What can I use it for?

Rate Plans drive direct bookings by giving potential guests a great deal. Rate Plans are often used to give company discounts, reward early bird booking, and encourage long stays. You can also use Rate Plans seasonally—for instance, to attract holiday travelers or drive low season bookings.

How do I set it?

You can access Rate Plans from the Settings menu. From there, you will link your Rate Plan to one of the rates defined in Rate Management, set the discount and its conditions, the dates during which the Rate Plan will apply, tag any included extras, and write a short description. Note: Your Rate Plan can only go live once a description has been entered.

All the details on how to set your Rate Plans can be found in our Knowledge Base.

For additional questions, you can always contact the elves at Hotelier Care.

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