Victor Lequet

Feature Release: Winter 2016

December 22, 2016


After a new round of releases, we want to share with your the highlight of our work for you this season. Poised to solve your challenges, our team focused on new integrations, design modification, and several fixes. Our most exciting news this season is our new connection with trivago campaign manager. Let’s take a deeper look into that.

trivago campaign manager

Base7booking users are now able to upload their room inventory on trivago and appear in the search results (if not already) with our booking engine rates. The process is seamless and just requires hotels to activate the connection via their Base7booking account. After a short matching process, the hotel is live on!


Guest behavior gets a tracking boost

Although this feature has been present in Base7booking for a little while, we wanted to encourage our users to setup and use the powerful tool. From now, hoteliers using Google Analytics on their website can also set it up for free on their booking engine. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account yet, it’s probably the right time to start tracking your guest’s behavior to gain a better understanding of your online bookings. If you’d like to know more about Google Analytics, you can find more information Google Analytics here.


Design and User experience


You will notice a major change in the way notifications appear (and disappear) in Base7booking. We’ve worked on a much smoother range of boxes and played with the colors a little. Alerts are much more evident than before, and validation messages will win you over. Some more notification types are on the way, stay put (via the app :-)!

Major bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed item lines duplicating when tourism taxes were merged
  • Fixed image scaling
  • Fixed default settings not being used when doing a Quick Invoice
  • Fixed stubborn bold content font size
  • Fixes for Slovenian format
  • Added Currency dropdown in the Settings
  • Fixed VAT display for tax-exclusive configurations


  • Improved Account Summary filters
  • Improved Account Summary layout
  • Fixed Payment Follow-Up not saving properly with custom decimal character
  • Simplified Tourism Tax list layout
  • Added TRevPar to the Daily Report
  • Fixed VAT report not including deleted classes
  • Added Total Invoiced and Total non-Invoiced to the Reservation History
  • Added more filters to the Channel Performance


  • Added bounced email forward to the hotel email address
  • Fixed Reservation Content data field translation


  • Fixed room options not showing up in Quick Add
  • Fixed room type tax breakdown


  • Improved reminder messages
  • Saving a reminder when the session is expired is now prevented


  • Added support for property-specific translations
  • Added property-specific IBE Terms & Conditions
  • Improved property invoice Settings


  • Improved scrolling and responsiveness for all resolutions
  • Fixed unwanted calendar header freeze (with a hotfix)
  • Fixed display error for room stays check-out date equal to the first day of the calendar

Address Settings

  • Fixed notifications not displaying after saving address


  • Fixed Picture Layout for IBE Settings


  • Resetting restrictions in a batch will now only take selected types

Channel Managers

  • Improved timeout
  • Fixed Channel Manager origin not displaying properly in the Reservation
  • Added more comment details in reservations arriving from Cubilis





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