Hotel Carlton Ghent – Three years with Base7booking

January 28, 2015

Hotel Carlton Ghent is one of the first hotels that signed up for Base7booking. Three years ago Jeffrey, the owner, decided to put his trust into our company and stack by since then.

To show him our gratitude, we decided to take Hotel Carlton Ghent as an example of successful hotel management through the following case study. Not only because it is one of the early adopters that Base7booking had the chance to count, but also because the hotel massively increased its revenue since the implementation of our web-app, we would like to share this exciting story with you. Here is a summary of the performance.



“Once you overcome the fear of outsourcing your system and data, SaaS has an immediate impact. It allows you to set aside some time that was previously occupied by maintaining your system or just organising the maintenance, whether it is checking proper data backups, reinstalling hardware, making small changes in the system, training new employees etc. We use that time now for marketing and caring about our guests and that has paid off big time. ”

jeffreyJeffrey Van Vooren

About the Hotel Carlton Ghent

The Carlton Hotel is owned by two young brothers and is one of the few family-run hotels in Ghent, Belgium.
Parking option, non-smoking bedrooms, fresh breakfast, lift and free Wi-Fi are all available.

It’ s 22 rooms hotel situated at 200 meters from the St-Pieters-Station, opened 2012.


If you want to understand how Jeffrey increased his occupancy rate, feel free to download the full case study.

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