Il tuo Software di Gestione Alberghiera All-inclusive

Incrementa le prenotazioni dirette e rendi unica l’esperienza dei tuoi ospiti

Carta e penna fanno parte del passato:

Modernizza il tuo sistema

Aumenta la tua competitività online con un property management system tecnologicamente avanzato. La distribuzione online non è mai stata così facile.

Semplifica le tue operazioni

Usa la tecnologia cloud e accedi alla tua struttura da qualsiasi dispositivo. Le tue operazioni verranno semplificate grazie al check-in instantaneo, ai promemoria e a tante altre funzioni utili.

Risparmia tempo e denaro

Riduci tuoi costi attraverso un sistema di fatturazione e contabilità elettroniche e ricevi rapporti dettagliati sulle operazioni del tuo hotel. Le decisioni di gestione saranno più rapide e meno costose.

La nostra gamma di soluzioni cloud personalizzate per gli albergatori:

Property Management Systems

Sistema di gestione

Approfitta di un property management system all’avanguardia che ti offre tutti gli strumenti di cui hai bisogno per semplificare la gestione delle tue prenotazioni.

Scopri di più

Booking Engine

Aumenta il tasso di occupazione della tua struttura ricevendo prenotazioni dirette tramite il tuo sito web, senza commissioni o costi nascosti.

Channel Manager

Controlla tutti i tuoi canali di distribuzione tramite un solo dispositivo. Promuovi la tua struttura in ogni parte del mondo offrendo tariffe competitive sulle migliori piattaforme.

Cosa dicono di noi:

Looked, looked and looked some more at all the different available solutions, tried a lot of demo sites, found Base7booking, and that was the one.

The system is very easy to use. I learnt how to use it in 3 days and we totally recommend it! The staff is very comfortable using it, and it makes check-ins and check-outs really fast.

We've been using Base7Booking from the beginning. It's been a great help for us so far. And we cannot imagine using another software

No overbookings. Integrated with our own web-site as well as and Expedia. Easy to work with employees at different levels. Must have!

We have been using Base7 for about 2 years now and have nothing but praise for the company and its product. It is at the forefront of cloud-based PMS's and offers everything you would expect from property management … Can't recommend highly enough!

Base7booking so far has saved me a lot of money and time; you truly get what you pay for. As a small hotel, this system has worked wonders for us and simplified our reservation booking process for our guests and employees alike. I would highly recommend this software to other hoteliers.

If you're searching for that one system that will change your life, take a look at Base7booking. The easy, intuitive operation with this cloud solution is just great and the after-sales support is exceptionally competitive. Bravo!

It's been 2 years since we started using Base7booking as a PMS … We use the software for two of our properties, and the fact that it is cloud-based turned out to be a great advantage as we always have our stored safely in the Base7booking cloud. Awesome!

Base7booking is an easy-to-use PMS that helps users reduce their working time in the office. You can use it on smartphones, and on computers. The help desk is very responsive and professional, and we are lucky to have found the system.

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