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What is a patent?

A patent is the is the grant of a property right to the inventor of an invention, which issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“General information concerning patents”. US Patent and Trademark Office.

Patent Applications and Information

European Patent Office Access European patent fees and forms, online filing options, translate patents from 32 languages, and the European Patent Guide.

Google Patents Search both patent applications and granted patents from around the world.

Intellectual Property India Find jurisdiction and address of Indian patent offices, frequently asked questions, and more.

US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Find patent information for topics patent basics, maintenance, application assistance, and more.

World Intellectual Property Organization Provides a database of patent treaties and laws. Allows inventors to file one patent application in their local language to seek protection for their invention in multiple countries.

Unique Patents

Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination The Great Eight patents include classics like the internal combustion engine and Google PageRank.

Patent Planet A seemingly never-ending list of patents that were ahead of their time: walk on water with Water Skipper Slippers, or go green with either a vehicle that leverages a horse on a treadmill or a tricycle lawn mower.

Smithsonian Magazine This article features 11 patents that may catch your intention. Are you familiar with U.S. Pat. No. 4,247,283? It’s a flaming trumpet, also known as a trumpet that shoots flames.

Patent Attorneys

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Avoid predicting your patent, trademark, and copyright expenses with project-based pricing.

Carstens & Cahoon
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Patent and general intellectual property assistance for mid market clients and venture-backed startups.

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Legal assistance for US, International, Utility, and design patents.

Lowe Graham Jones
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Seattle law firm providing intellectual property counsel, including patent applications and patent infringement litigation. See a list or recently obtained patents.

OC Patent Lawyer
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Prosecution, defense, and enforcement services. Provides sample patents.

Tatonetti IP
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Helps prepare software patents and design patents (filed prepared to withstand challenges under 35 USC 112).

Trojan Law Offices
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Los Angeles based firm with registered patent attorneys who assist with patent applications, trials, and appeals.

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