A Property Management System Created By Hoteliers

Made By Hoteliers

Base7booking was created for the needs of one hotel and carried on its development with the help of hospitality experts.

Your hotel anywhere

Access your hotel from any connected device. Check reservations, guest information, invoices and more anywhere, anytime.

All your properties in one

Get a clear overview of all your porperties at your fingertips. Base7booking is ideal for properties between 1 and 100 rooms.

Boost your daily operations with a powerful and user-friendly management system

Realtime information

With quick updates and automatic synchronisation, our Dashboard displays daily operations, check-in/check-out, housekeeping, occupation, and more in one place. Access all the features in one place.

Smart calendar

Control your availability, rates, and more with our smart calendar. Online bookings enter your calendar automatically or you can create reservations in just one minute.

Faster registrations

Our simplified check-in and check-out process allow registering guests with a simple click from your calendar, dashboard, or in the reservation. Track important guest details such as check-in time and improve your guest experience.

The right marketing

Show your potential guests the best side of your property in a simple yet effective way with high-quality content, including photos, descriptions, and room category.

Better communication

Use our powerful email sender to push messages to guests during different stages of their stay. Create customized email templates in different languages, share important news and information, and boost your customer relations.

Create reports and statistics

Compile all the important information in a clear and concise way to identify trends and obtain a clear overview of your operations. Generate reports for any selected time period and export from and to any device.

Advanced Invoice Generator

Create invoices in only flour clicks for fast check-outs, and send digital copies from your account. Centralize your billing system in one place, and track your property's history.