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Drug Rehab SEO: What $4B Of SEO Experience Can Teach You

We’ve helped companies in 60+ different verticals – including addiction treatment SEO, hundreds of local businesses, and even Uber – achieve extraordinary search engine results. Here’s what our $4B+ of SEO experience can teach you.

Only a short few years ago, marketing rehabilitation services with SEO used to be (relatively) simple.

Find some great keywords, create some great rehab SEO content, claim your free listing in a few directories, and you were off to the races.

Now, SEO has a lot of the same rules but it’s jumped up dramatically in complexity. User experience plays a much bigger role, the technical details are super important, and now Google knows what all web surfers have known for years: all rehab directories are not created equal.

It can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Here at Base7Booking.com, we’re lucky that the members of our leadership team have been involved in creating SEO breakthroughs in dozens of different industry verticals… Including SEO for rehab marketing, and working directly with Uber.

You know, the teensy-tiny ride-sharing company? At one point, one of our founders was part of the working team for a $4 billion SEO deal.

So it’s safe to say we’ve learned a couple of things during our time working on SEO projects.

In this article, we’re going to achieve “drug rehab marketing zen” – by mastering the SEO principles that will keep your census full, without needing to spend a lot of money on paid ads.

Before SEO: Let’s start by understanding Google’s goals

If you want to be successful with Google (AKA: pretty much the only game in town), then you’ll need to understand what’s important to this society-changing search engine. And the key to understanding Google’s inner workings comes down to recognizing what’s in it for them.

That’s right. What does Google get by showing search results to their customers?

First and foremost, they want to be THE authority on all things. The place every person goes to get the best answers, to find the best rehab centers. As a result, their top goal is the relevancy and accuracy of each drug rehab SEO page in their search results.

Secondly, they want to be the most helpful resource – so their searchers never need to go anywhere else. As a result, they want to provide drug rehab marketing that’s relevant and near to the searcher.

And finally, they want to provide a great experience every time – so that every search leaves people feeling better than they did before. That way, they’ll want to use Google search again the next time they have a question. That’s why Google places such a high value on page experience – the “intangibles” of YOUR website that make it a great place to visit and get information.

Makes sense, right? If you help Google improve their search experience, they’ll send more traffic your way. Now, let’s talk about how you can do that…

Before Core Web Vitals

How to build a web page worth experiencing.

If you want to maximize your rehab SEO efforts in as short a time as possible, one of the quickest ways is to build web pages worth experiencing. Google will track customer activity on your website and rank you more highly if visitors seem to get a lot from reading your pages.

Let’s start at square one: don’t be spammy. This means you should have your own domain, not a domain under a big free website hosting company like WordPress. Domains under other hosting companies usually look like this: mydrugrehab.bigsite.com.

Not only does this make your URL look spammy, it also tells Google you’re not quite 100% legitimate. Pay for a top level domain with a .com, .net, or other common ending.

Additionally, domains like www.bestdrugrehabFL.com may rank today. But long term, Google is going to see through your URL. As a result, it’s better to have a domain like www.continuumtransitions.com, even though it doesn’t have any keywords in it, because it’s authentic and true to who you really are.

Technical SEO: Technical aspects of page design

Technically, the details matter. “Behind-the-scenes” aspects of your addiction treatment SEO – like privacy, security, responsiveness, and page loading speeds also affect user experience in subtle ways. So in order to get that #1 spot, you’ll need to pay attention to each.

  • Security is key when it comes to getting web surfers (not to mention Google) to trust and like your website. You’ll want to ensure your website has the “https://” extension. How? Request an SSL or TSL certificate from a certificate authority by following these instructions.
  • Fully 52.79% of all web visits come from mobile phones. That’s why a mobile-responsive website that changes to display perfectly on small screens will always outrank an unresponsive web page.
  • Most website visitors expect page load times of 1-2 seconds at most these days. After that, they begin to “bounce” – or leave – before the page has finished loading.

Ultimately, while these technical details matter, worrying about a tenth of a second here or there is not going to make or break your entire SEO ranking. It’s simply one factor out of many that plays into how Google sees your business.

Local SEO and map rankings: Becoming mappable

It’s no secret: the Google “Map Pack” is extremely valuable digital real estate that comes with large amounts of organic traffic for your drug rehab SEO.

Even if your customers are searching from all over the country to find you, if they mention your city or state in their search terms, Google will show them the map pack to help them find local rehab centers in your area.

Not only do the top 3 map listings have the highest click through on Page 1 of Google, they are also ranked by a different algorithm than Google’s classic search results.

Here’s how you can play to win in the Google Maps search results.

Setting up Google Business Profile

In order to be listed in the Maps results, you’ll need to verify your location and set up a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) with Google.

Make sure you complete every aspect of your profile, as profile completeness is a ranking factor. That means including a description, images of your addiction treatment center, hours of operation, and click-to-website and click-to-call buttons, which make it easier for searchers to get in contact with you.

You’ll also want to embed Google Maps with your address somewhere on your site, but ideally not on the home page, as it slows down your page speed.

Getting reviews

98% of people read reviews when looking at local businesses online. That means, if you want to rank and have a decent CTR (Click-Through-Rate), then you’ll need as many high-quality reviews as you can get.

Ultimately, every review is an opportunity, so you should be requesting reviews whenever you can. However, if you get a negative review, don’t panic! Respond cordially and with class, and it will show other customers how you handle less-than-ideal-situations.

Do NOT “bribe” people or offer special discounts for positive reviews – if Google ever learns you did this, they will penalize your rehab SEO in search results for a very long time.

Citations and links

Generally, the more places people can find your name, address, and phone number (NAP), the better. Local directories, rehab directories, national online directories, blogs, competitors, and partner websites – all of these citations help, but they are NOT all equal in Google’s eyes.

Citations and links in local websites outperform national ones in the Maps algorithm, even if they are on weak sites. So ask local businesses or associations if they wouldn’t mind linking to your website for some easy drug rehab marketing.

When it comes to big online directories, most drug treatment and alcohol rehab directories have hundreds of pages of similar businesses, so their citation doesn’t help as much as a more trusted and selective directory like Base7Booking.com.

Measuring & improving performance

There are hundreds of sophisticated paid tools you can use that measure everything about your website traffic and addiction treatment SEO rankings. But for the vast majority of sites, these are not necessary.

For now, we’ll focus on two free tools you can use to measure your performance, and these are Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You can install both onto your site for free using those links and get started using the various features of each by following the free tutorials.

Just to give you a brief overview. Google Search Console helps you understand the search activity of your site, what keywords you are ranking for and where your traffic is coming from. And Google Analytics helps you understand what your visitors are doing once they reach your website.

As a note: as soon as you install these tools onto your website, you’ll need to include a privacy policy, as these tools track user data.

Quality Content: Improving the performance of your website with new content

If you have not already, you should make sure each service your treatment center offers has its own web page – with a unique title for each page, as well as the city and service name in the title. In the footer of your pages, you should use your real physical address.

To structure your page, increase engagement, and help Google’s bots “crawl” your website, you’ll also want to use subheadings. Work to strike a balance between the functional keywords you are targeting, as well as topics that are genuinely interesting for your customers.

Internal Linking

Cross-linking is an advanced SEO tactic involving links between related pages – for example, a link to your facilities from your philosophy page, and vice versa.

This not only provides a better “map” of your content to Google, it improves engagement with your website – Google Analytics will show more page views per visit, which is a sign of improved user experience, and will help you rank higher on Google.

SEO helps conversions

Now we can finally talk about what’s important about all of this SEO work you’ve been doing: conversions, new leads, and increased interest in your rehabilitation services. After all, that is the reason you are working so hard to improve your SEO, right?

The best place to display your contact form is on the right-hand side of your content on the desktop version of your website. Most likely, it will also appear beneath the content in your mobile version of your website, which is a convenient location.

When it comes to your phone number, you want to ensure that it is coded as a “click-to-call” link so that any website visitor who sees it can touch it to call you immediately. The best placement for phone numbers is in the header section of your website – and the second best is in the footer.

If you really want to perform at your best, then display your phone number in both places!

Final thoughts about drug rehab SEO

Look, we know we’ve just given you another million things to add to your already-bursting “to-do” list. The simple fact of the matter is, SEO is not a simple silver bullet to all drug rehab marketing problems, but nothing is better than free organic traffic!

If you put in the time and effort to improve your addiction treatment SEO now, in the long run it will more than pay off with a consistently full census you can be proud of. So start with one or two things you can do today, and build from there.

Of course, if you’re looking for an ethical shortcut to SEO success, Base7Booking.com offers an exclusive business directory. We only accept verified, trustworthy businesses in reputable industries. Unlike other general online directories, we don’t accept businesses in gambling, medication, adult-themed, software-download, or other questionable industries.

Additionally, each industry we do list contains only highly reputable names, and there is only one single page of results (unlike other recovery directories that will place your listing on page 316) for visitors to browse.

For all of these reasons, Base7Booking.com improves the visibility, trustworthiness, and SEO status of your site. We help you enhance your brand image and gain the powerful network effects of being associated with other great businesses in a variety of industries. We also include ample information and a short description about your business in the listing.

In other words, we give you boutique rehab directory experience, rather than treating you like another number to paid our listings. If you’re interested in learning more, click here.