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Feature Release: May 9, 2018

May 9, 2018

Take your seats, please. It’s time to unveil our latest updates and shiniest new features.

Tracking Improvements

Where are clicks on your Booking Engine coming from? Solve the mystery with these clues from Google:

  • Integrated Google Analytics with the new IBE to activate tracking on IBE URLs.
  • Integrated Google Tag Manager with the new IBE. To set up Google Tag Manager event tracking, please contact Support.

You can learn more about Google Analytics and their tracking magic at Google’s Help Center.

Report Enhancements 

Get the info you need quicker and easier. We’ve redesigned these reports to be more detailed and easier-to-read:

  • Unpaid Reservation Report
  • Payment Follow-Up Report

European Fiscal Compliance 

We’ve updated our products to meet changing fiscal requirements in France and Germany.


  • Added restriction to data change and deletion
  • Added custom period closing functions
  • Added clear identification and tracking of modified data
  • Preserving all data
  • Prevent test data to from altering live data
  • Provide data export usable by fiscal authority
  • Allowing VAT exemption cases on invoices
  • Added reverse charge to invoices when applicable
  • Updated invoice layout to include details required by NF-525 (Unit price without VAT, Total price without VAT per item)


  • Added restriction to data change and deletion
  • Added custom period closing functions
  • Displayed “Gutschrift” on self-billing invoices

As a result of these regulations, invoices can no longer be deleted or modified. To play it safe, just leave invoices open until check-out so you can correct any mistakes.

Bug Fixes and Maintenance 

  • Enhanced SimpleBooking connection by adding board notion
  • Refactored Account Reset (for new customers)
  • Updated Slovenian arrival reports
  • Fixed IBE translations
  • Stabilized IBE on Edge and Safari browsers
  • Stabilized Rate Plans on IBE
  • Fixed Channel Manager connectivity issues
  • Changed babies counting behavior in the daily report
  • Excluded deleted reservations from channel performance report

We are also working on our GDPR compliance in advance of the May 25th deadline. You will be receiving the data processing agreement in the coming weeks.

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