Seven ideas to increase your hotel’s online visibility

September 18, 2016


Have you ever done a quick competitor scan only to find other hotels and properties are more visible than yours? Fear no more. We have created a list with 10 actions to increase your hotel’s visibility, promote bookings online, and becoming more competitive.

In the past, online visibility was online considered to ‘rank high in search engines.’ However, today has an enriched meaning and encompasses your business online presence in digital channels. Especially in hospitality, competing with other hotels can seem next to impossible. Essentially, online visibility is about creating traffic sources to your website.

When talking about your own property’s visibility, there are several factors to consider, from search engine rankings to social media or promotions. We have gathered seven ideas to overcome the crowds and stand out from your competitors.

Paid search ads

First of all, the primary purpose behind paid ads is to actively connect your ads with travelers actively looking for what you provide, guiding them to your website. You have most likely heard of Google AdWords and Bing Ads as the most recommended options when it comes to paid search ads.

There are two types of campaigns: pay per click or PPC, and Cost per impression or CPM. A well-designed campaign will deliver your information to travelers looking for exactly the information you offer, paying for a free for each click. With the right research and insights, you can raise your return on investment with simple actions and a small budget.

For example, as a hotel owner or manager, you would create a PPC campaign to target people looking for ‘spa hotel Innsbruck’ for example, and if your campaign includes those keywords, those travelers would see your ad and most likely would click on it for a low price.

Social media ads

We’ve seen Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also have their ads systems.  Those systems work almost the same as the paid search ads. Thus you need a strategy and a good understanding of the channels. For example, business travelers prefer Twitter over YouTube, and Instagram and Snapchat are ideal channels when you want to engage with millennials.

Also, targeting can be done more thoroughly through paid ads. Some filters go beyond demographics and include to filter potential audiences by their likes, activities, a related concept, competitors, and more. Do not limit yourself to the impact your campaigns and content might have during a traveler’s planning process, but also consider the complete travel cycle from a social media perspective.

And the winner is…

Have you even participated in one social media contest? I know I have, and although my chances are usually slim, I still participate and hope to win. Just like me, travelers are keen on anything free, and social media contests can draw attention to your property, enticing people to visit your website, engage with your content, or participate in any desired activity.

50% off

If you find yourself staring at low traffic on your site albeit high social media engagement, then offering discounts can make an impact. From sales to special offers, upgrades, and even free nights, your property can experience a boost in direct bookings and traffic if you can communicate and advertise the special treats and invite travelers to your website.

It’s all SEO

This is one of the golden rules for online presence. Standing for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is one of the highlights of digital marketing. By applying SEO strategies to your property’s website, you can increase your traffic, reduce commissions, and improve your online performance. Some of the key strategies to consider are keyword and meta tag optimization, image tagging, content optimization, inbound link building, and social media diffusion to name a few.

Email newsletters

Most hotels have on their hands an incredibly valuable amount of information to use for marketing and communication purposes. Have you ever considered getting in touch with travelers who have stayed at your hotel in the last year? Send them news, promotions, or invite them to write a review with a friendly newsletter. One of the most straightforward and accessible tools for mass mailings is Mailchimp, a newsletter provider that simplifies the process to a couple of clicks, plus fantastic insights.

Answer the questions

Every action taken in your social media should be oriented towards interaction, engagement, and call to action. But as you know, communication is a two-way street, therefore showing your audience you care by replying and talking. Respond to comments on your social channels, reviews, and messages from non-traditional sites. Soon enough you will not only be part of a community, but also strengthen your brand, lure returning visitors, and increase your reputation.

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