Hotel Carlton Gent

3 Star Hotel in Belgium

Opened in 2012, this three-star hotel is owned by two young brothers and is one of the few family-run hotels in Ghent, Belgium. With 22 rooms, Carlton Ghent is located 200 meters from the St-Pieters Station. Some of their features are parking, non-smoking bedrooms, fresh breakfast, elevator service and free Wi-Fi. As the first Base7booking customer since September 2012, we decided to ask some questions to Jeffrey, owner and manager.

“Our revenue increased and our occupancy rate went from 54% when we started with Base7booking, up to 84,4%“


  • When did you decide to use Base7booking?

  • I looked at a whole array of management systems, but I never liked the practical way they worked. Most of them had a cold-looking user interface with no style or design. The first impression with the contact person wasn’t great either. My first contact with Base7booking was a 30 minute phone call talking about the product; I could feel the enthusiasm about the solution and after testing out the demo version, I was sold.

  • What is the single most important thing that you like about Base7booking?

  • The possibility to play with reservations and invoices etc. Everything is open to change and is flexible.

  • Is this why you chose our system?

  • Originally, we wanted a PMS that could communicate with our channel manager Cubilis.

  • Is Hotel Carlton Ghent online?

  • YES! We use Base7booking in combination with Cubilis, our channel manager. Hence, our internal booking is directly connected to different channels like, Expedia and many more. It is also connected to our booking engine on our website and ensures that all prices and availabilities are updated in a bidirectional way in real-time.

  • How did the transition work before your previous PMS and Base7booking?

  • The transition was really smooth. Base7booking took care of the entire process for us. All customer and reservation information was imported to Base7booking.

  • How long did the training take?

  • I had a 30-minute training via Skype, explaining the different possibilities to create or change reservations and the general processes for using Base7booking.

  • Has Base7booking impacted business at your hotel since introduction?

  • YES! Since we started with Base7booking our revenue increased and our occupancy rate went from 54% to 84.4%! At the same time, our direct reservations went from 30% to 60%. You can imagine what this means for our margins. This is obviously due to many other things, but Base7booking was certainly a factor as we were able to increase tremendously our visibility on the web through Base7booking and our channel manager, which enables us to manage our prices on a day to day basis.

  • Did you experience any time changes with Base7booking?

  • The amount of time we saved. As a result, we were able to improve our marketing services and guest services. This is what really helped us build our customer loyalty. One year after using Base7booking we are ranked as the top hotel in Ghent on TripAdvisor and, and before we were in the middle rankings. The average occupancy rose by about 12% every year, resulting in a higher revenue each year. And we still see room for growth!

  • Has your room availability changed?

  • In the past, we had problems with overbookings, but since we started using Base7booking, we never have any overbookings. If there is a problem with a reservation, Base7booking does an automatic room block – a feature that is a gift from heaven!

  • Would you recommend Base7booking to other hoteliers?

  • Yes, I definitely would; and I already have! You get great quality software for a lower price, and it can do everything that an in-house PMS can do.

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