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The new Base7

September 24, 2017

Are you on the newer, bluer Base7?

After successfully testing the BETA version over 1.5 years, we’re confident that we’ve created an even better software that’s easier to use, packed with more features, and looks pretty good (if we do say so ourselves). That’s why we are moving all Base7 accounts to the updated platform.

To continue providing the 5-star service you’re used to, we will be discontinuing the older version of Base7 so that we can focus our efforts on maintaining and improving a single, amazing platform.

Need a hand moving to the newer version? We’re offering free additional training for all hoteliers who are making the switch to the latest Base7.

Just contact Hotelier Care for details.

When does this happen?

31 October, 2017.

What changes?

If you haven’t switched to the updated version after 31 Oct, you will be automatically redirected to the subdomain for your hotel
(Not sure what that means? Read here).

Don’t worry, all of your data is stored and available on the new version.

What’s better?

Our reinvented Base7 platform is full of features that hoteliers have asked for:

  • A more detailed reservation history that can be exported.
  • Channel Performance Reports that let you know how guests are discovering your hotel.
  • Functionality with the new Base7 Booking Engine, so guests can book directly with you.
  • Improved Movements Reports to give you a detailed overview of occupancy and revenue.
  • Extras History Reports to see which of your hotel’s add-ons (breakfast, airport pickup, etc.) are making money.
  • Flexible filters that let you sort your reservation alphabetically or by room number.
  • A new Integrations page that shows which apps and systems you’ve connected with Base7.
  • An informative and international Knowledge Base with over 300 tutorials in four languages.

We’re excited to introduce you to the platform that we’ve been perfecting.

Time to check-in.

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